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Image TSElectron


Simple electron dashboard for saving / storing MiBand 2 data using the MiBand-JS library.

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Image JS

DRIP Reader 2000

Ever wanted to read the road matrix signs from your computer? No? Well now you can anyway!


Minesweeper 99

Real actual competitive minesweeper, now with 16 players!

Image TI BasicC

TI-84 Plus CE-T Software

School made programs for the TI-84 Plus CE-T graphing calculator. One more useful than the other

Image JSElectron


A RPG / Puzzle game made by me and Job for school as part of an assignment

Image JS


Easily make your own language file for the Polytopia by Midjiwan.

Image JSTS

asdf framework

Javascript framework for making videogames using CanvasJS and WebGL.

Image C++

M5Stack Arduino

Making libraries and projects for M5Stack.



Met de vriendelijke groeten aan Mevr. van Es

Image C++

Arduboy Games

My first C++ Project: Porting Spacemania 2000 to the arduino based handheld.

Image Other

Gitea server

Use GitHub? Nah fam, I rather host my own git service. You can browse my repositories to check out ongoing projects.

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Nintendo DS Theme

An Acekard, R4 an TTDS theme inspired by the official Nintendo DS firmware.

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ARNweb Login

Make an account, login, see your gravatar and chat with others!

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Other shenanigans

For the things and tools that arent big enough for their own project card.

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Work in progress

For the things that aren't finished jet.