About yours truly

Hi, I'm Arne van Iterson, from ARNweb! I'm a student Electrical Engineering at the HU and I bake bread for a job. I look like this, and those sunglasses look pretty good on me don't you think?

I love making stuff wether it's woodwork, electrical work or cooking. I spend most of my free time programming the next MCU project, making some CAD design to 3d print, adding some sensor to Home Assistant or playing video games. I have a particular interest for old videogame consoles and unique display techniques (VFD, FlipDot, E-Ink), you can verify most of these by taking a look at my portfolio down at Projects. My favourite programming languages at the moment are Javascript and C, frankly these are also the only two languages for which i don't have to lookup a 'Hello World' example to get started.

My current job is baking bread for the local supermarket but I have a couple of side hustles like digitising old videotapes, building Wordpress websites and repairing and reselling Nintendo DSses. While I like my current job and the customer interactions that it brings, I hope to find something in the field of Engeneering in the coming year.

Below you can find my CV, LinkedIn and a way to get in touch. Thank you for your interest.

PS: If you feel like browsing some more today, go ahead and visit a site of a friend of mine; Jobbel.nl, tell him I sent you and he'll make sure to get you a nice seat.

Arne van Iterson
About ARNweb

As you might have read on the homepage, ARNweb.nl is my personal portfolio and testing ground for web development stuff. However, some of my older classmates will (or at least I hope so) remember ARNweb as one of the many tools we have used to not pay attention during biology class. This site had accounts, profiles, a chatbox and a very rudamentary file sharing service. It hosted flash games, probably illegal copies of Minecraft and more. Never have I ever created something that at the same time impressed and annoyed teachers to the degree that this site has.

My friend Job and I got into web development in the fouth class of VWO and created Jobbel.nl and ARNweb.nl respectivally. We got started with simple HTML but quickly moved on to PHP and JavaScript websites. At the time I was happy with the PHP framework that still runs today while Job built 5 different iterations of his site in about three months. We worked together on some Angular, Electron and other NodeJS projects after which I got more into Arduino programming and IOT stuff.

I decided to restructure ARNweb in the summer of 2022 because the site was outdated and I wanted to switch up the style for a bit. As you might have noticed, I have removed or hidden most of the account related pages because they were buggy and probably very insecure in some kind of way. It also didn't feel right to be bragging on my LinkedIn with unimpressive PHP I wrote years ago and that I don't even understand anymore.

Anyhow, at some point I only had a server running to host this site but now I have two servers running hosting a lot of stuff like Home Assistant, Nextcloud, Mail servers, etc. While I don't put a lot of time toward ARNweb.nl itself, having the domain is incredibly usefull for hosting all sorts of other services. I'm going to keep the projects updated and such but I don't expect to be making any big updates in the near future.

Get in touch

Why did you even buy a domain?
A friend of mine had one and it thought it was very cool, then Strato came with a sale and I bought this one.

Did you program this entire website yourself?
Most of it, yes.
The rest was *borrowed* from Stackoverflow

When is ARNwebs birthday?
I bought ARNweb.nl on 31 - 3 - 2018
So here is a nice countdown:
249 days till the 31st of March