About ARNweb

My friend linked me to this page and now I have no clue where I am, where am I? HELP!
No worries my friend, you are on ARNweb, the coolest site on the internet.
Make sure to tell your friend how freaking awesome he is!
You could consider this being my portfolio since it contains projects I do, however lots of projects I do aren't here because I can't really translate them to a proper webpage.
I practice coding on here quite a lot and therefore this website will be completely broken from time to time. The code isn't close to being perfect so have fun trying to bug it out, trust me it will be very easy.
Now what can I do here exactly? Well you can chat with others, break some school computers with experimental pages and look at my projects. If you like my work please consider sharing this website, don't forget to like, get subscribed and ring the bell.

About Me

This is me and this is my website,
My name is Arne and I like working with everything computery, that results in me having a lot of computers but they're all very old. I can fix, break, update computers and I can tell them what to do with varying degrees of success.
I really enjoy working on electronics, you can see a fraction of the things I've built on my projects page
If I don't feel like working, I like to play videogames, especially retro and indie games. I'm working on my own games but the progress has been delayed lately.

If you want to contact me for whatever reason you can use my contact sheet.

If you feel like browsing some more today, go ahead and visit a site of a friend of mine: Jobbel.nl Tell him I sent you and he'll make sure to get you a nice seat.

Frequently asked questions
Actually, I never get asked anything I just want more content on this page, don't @ me

Why did you even buy a domain?
A friend of mine had one and it thought it was very cool, then Strato came with a sale and I bought one.

What are you working on?
Let me just show you my todolist:

Did you program this entire website yourself?
Most of it, yes.
About the rest.... Stackoverflow

When is ARNwebs birthday?
I bought ARNweb.nl on 31 - 3 - 2018
So here is a nice countdown: