Raspberry Pi Mini PC
Ey, do you have one of those Personal Computer things?


I wanted to build a Raspberry Pi Zero in a Gameboy shell but I bought the wrong screen. It is way too slow for gaming and can't speed it up enough. So instead, I put the components in an old alarm clock case in the shape of an old pc.

The Pi needed to go in the back of the case , so I made some holes for the ports to fit into and after that I removed all the other clock components. I took out all the plastic supports from the upper part of the case so the LCD would fit and ran the wires to the bottom part of the case.

Then I soldered some headers to the Pi and installed Raspbian, wrote a little Python script to turn on the light on the front of the case and, using the SD card extender, made the Micro SD card accessible from the front of the case (not in the pictures)

Now that everything is working, I don't really know what to do with it, but I'll find a purpose for it some day.


  • Raspberry Pi Zero
  • 3.5 Waveshare Touchscreen LCD
  • 1 green LED
  • Micro SD extension cable
  • Some screws
  • Dremel

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