Gamecube to USB adapter
Why use my Gamecube controller as a regular HID device? Because I like the Gamecube controller, it's a good controller.


I wanted to play Mario Kart GP on Dolphin but using the keyboard didn't work really well, so I decided to make my own Gamecube to USB adapter.

The library has an example for this purpose which I edited to support two controllers. You will need an Arduino which supports USB HID emulation.

Connecting your controller is really simple and you can find everything you need on Nicohood's wiki. (Linked below) But I didn't want to cut up my controller, so to connect the Gamecube controllers I 3D printed a female connector (Download the STL file below) and made the contacts by using double sided logic board. The logic level converter is needed so you don't blow up your controller. I decided to put the logic converter and the Arduino in a socket so I could take them out when I need them for something else.


  • Robotdyn Micro
  • 5 x 6 cm Vero board
  • 5v logic converter
  • Wires
  • 3D printed Gamecube connectors
  • Double sided logic board